About Mario


✈️ 137 flights in 1 year, not a pilot, but goes a long way to see a business take off. He’s a holy chef and a gourmand saint. 🍷

In the Spring of ’93, Mario was born in Covilhã, At 17 years old, Mario created his 1st organisation — organised events for 5k+ people.

At 20, he became President of a 40-people Junior Enterprise. And at 21, Mario travelled to Brussels — where he worked with the European Commission & the Parliament.

At 22, he returned to Lisbon, and created the sales at Landing.jobs. After that, he became Portugal Marketing Manager at Unono.net.

Today, he manages short rents apartments in Lisbon and founded Breadfast — home Delivery Breakfast, in Lisbon.


  • Coooooooooooooking!!!
  • Watch series and movies;
  • Go to the park with my dog;
  • Travel to different countries (30+ visited);
  • Enjoy the good moments of life aka a good wine and cheese with friends.